Carbon Monetization Solutions

How carbon monetization works

Once carbon credits status is identified, our team will create the “real” carbon credit report that is bankable. Once the carbon contract is executed, the property imagery and property API is added and developed. 

The property owner will have the option to sell the credits on the platform or store credits in their carbon bank. When the land-owner is ready to sell the credits, the carbon bank will list them for sale

Key points

  • Carbon credits are issued on an annual basis
  • The report is paid for by our team
  • Carbon credit sharing to the land-owner is starting at 50%
  • The report is exclusively for the use of the landowner only, it is not public


  • Once the letter of intent is signed and the property description is received, it takes 45 days for property assessment.
  • Carbon credit certificate is produced and deposited into the carbon bank to sell the carbon credits within 45 days – 60 days.